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Xem Skaters is a genderqueer skate zine that aims to give space to all genders in a binary environment by giving visibility to non-binary/queer/trans skaters, to introduce gender notions and knowledge in the skateboard community and ultimately open paths for indivigual identity building within skateboarding.

It features anything that is written/produced/created/photographed by genderqueer and genderqueer-friendly people that skate or have something to say about skateboarding and gender.

-> Xem Skaters on Tumblr

Wanna submit something or be a part of it?

write to xemskaters@gmail.com

We accept everything. Send us your drawings, your new demo album recorded on a dictaphone, engaged texts, less engaged texts, articles about a session with your crew, photographs of you or your friends, random stories, a photo of your new awesome griptape, event reports, artistic projects, a presentation of your own zine, ads about something, really… anything you think could fit on a zine.

instagram: @xemskaters